Coffin Assault

Fundraiser Coffin Assault

What is known as the Coffin Assault took place on a farm in South Africa in the middle of November 2016 – last year. Ooopsie!  From here – all “facts given” should be considered to be prefaced with the word “alleged” because the case is still before the court and not finally decided and my opinion is only ever “my opinion.”  That said….     Two men accosted a third man, beat him, forced him into a small coffin, doused him with petrol (gas) and threatened to burn him alive. …. Think about that for a moment – imagine it … Continue reading

Davin Gustav

  Davin Gustav is in a coma after suffering severe brain injury. His mother, Mira, is asking for our prayers.     More thoughts and prayers from the Wealthy Affiliate Community. Please feel free to add yours below – they will all be passed on to Mira. With thanx from the Crazy Old Bat. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save kamagra sale next day delivery shopping buy viagra usa kamagra for sale foro comprar cialis online many viagra pills bottle cialis free trial does generic cialis work same


This is Aurora’s Story. I got this in a tweet and I’m passing to on to you here – perhaps you’ll take the time to read and to help. She’s so very young and we can only hope she’ll recover one day. . On GoFundMe “The week after getting her drivers license Aurora Sky Heady lost control of her vehicle on the 101 freeway, flipped her car three times and went through a telephone was a solo accident nobody else was injured. She has been in the ICU since 9/28/16. She has a severe brain injury in which the … Continue reading