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I’m that weird thing now – something I never thought I’d  grow up to be – a crazy old bat.
Never ever thought that would be me one day. 🙂



Why fundraising?Fundraising for a good cause.

‘Cos I need something to do and by helping others I’ll feel I’m still useful.  Simple as that.
Because, I no longer trust the Big Boys of the World’s Fundraiser Dept – and if one can’t trust them who can one trust?
Well, I can trust me and you get to choose whether to or not.



My promisePinky Swear

All moneys collected here and by me will go to the recipients as designated.  Only direct costs will be recovered.

I can make that promise and know I will keep it – there will be NO collecting hundreds of millions of dollars from millions of people around the world for the money to sit in bankers’ accounts instead of building houses – as happened with Haiti.

Did you know that?

When the earthquake happened in Haiti, hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars were successfully collected by the UN, the Red Cross, the Clinton Foundation, Many More, etc etc. from millions of people around the world and with their 1/2 billion the Red Cross built …… SIX HOUSES!

The Red Cross built 6 houses in Haiti

SIX of these – click the image to read the article.



Not sixty. Not six hundred. Not six thousand. Not six hundred thousand. Just SIX and I didn’t forget any zeros.
Six houses —– and Tent Cities. Tents are not houses. Tents in mud are NOT what I donated for.  But read all about it in the Red Cross’s own words – all their good intentions that they planned and didn’t do.  A slip-shod excusé run off quickly by a very important person.  ProPublica tells us another, fuller tale of ineptitude, waste and incompetence and they tell in detail. Read it before you donate again.

And oh yeah, Haiti also got the gift of cholera.  Never was no cholera ever in Haiti – until the UN came to help and created the worst cholera epidemic of our time.  (Not so hot when you consider some of us remember Zimbabwe’s.)

When you watch the videos – look at the dates.

THIS peeves me off But Big Time!

I stopped donating to any causes they represent – and I never will again.
So this is my attempt to try to rectify that because, because I don’t trust, doesn’t change that people need.
Don’t get me wrong – I don’t believe they’re all involved in corruption … but when bureaucracy becomes so entrenched that 10% of the money donated is used for what it’s donated for it’s time to find another way.

The Clinton Foundation is even worse – they claim they spent billions fixing Haiti – but where? I’m hard put to find that spot but this one’s a goldfish gape story all of its own.

The destruction of Aleppo.

This is Aleppo.  Not long now and these organisations will be asking us for more – and using every bit of available emotional blackmail to do it.  Look at these pictures – they’ll be using them to jerk your purse strings wide open ….. To build another SIX houses?  (And I thought RDP toilets on the hillside were the height of bureaucratic incompetence!)

Toilets without houses - a South African tragedy

Toilets-on-Hill ….. See – I wasn’t kidding! Viljoenskroon, Free State, South Africa. 2011.


$10 – $13 Billion was raised for Hait’s relief, $500 million by the Red Cross alone: between 60 – 80,000 people are still living in tents, 1.4 million still needs food assistance daily and 6 houses were built – while the money sits and grows accounts in banks..  That is simply atrocious, no bureaucracy excuses or mitigates it.  Any donation of mine, any donation thru’ me will go directly to the people who need it or the people doing the work – I will put it into the hands of people it’s designated to and not organisations that hang on to it in perpetuity.

That’s it.  All I have to say – please feel free to ask any questions – I’ll do my best to answer them. And if you have a fundraiser you’re passionate about and would like put up here – let me know. 🙂


Not all is lost in Haiti. There are people helping. Enjoy! 🙂













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