Coffin Assault

What is known as the Coffin Assault took place on a farm in South Africa in the middle of November 2016 – last year.

Ooopsie!  From here – all “facts given” should be considered to be prefaced with the word “alleged” because the case is still before the court and not finally decided and my opinion is only ever “my opinion.”  That said….



Two men accosted a third man, beat him, forced him into a small coffin, doused him with petrol (gas) and threatened to burn him alive.

…. Think about that for a moment – imagine it had happened to – YOU?  Or someone you love?

  • Two big men (big compared to you)
  • force you into a wooden coffin
  • pour petrol over you and then
  • … threaten to burn you alive.

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I’m finding it hard to imagine something worse … perhaps …  being tortured by lil Kim’s Regime?
Perhaps someone can help me out there but what damage has been done to this man’s psyche is for the psychologists to decide (if he even has one) and for you and me to imagine!  Because the mere threat posed by gun to my head left me afraid – AFRAID of everything and everyone.  …. It was not a good time for me – and nearly a year before I felt I was “back to my usual obnoxious self.”

I’m asking YOU to help this man recover.

What he needs is support, time and space – his own family and friends will give him the emotional support he needs but ONLY enough money can give him the time and the space.  He is a poor indigent – he does not have that money.  Neither does his family.  (And I’ll say NOTHING here about political parties that are using him for Hate-PR!)

I’m not asking nor suggesting that we make this man a millionaire or in any way reward him for wrongdoing – trespass is after all a crime – only that we show empathy and give him enough, $3000, that will create the space for him to rebuild himself.

Please Please PLEASE – help with a small donation.
Just $5 says – “We care and we won’t tolerate treating people like this – no reason or excuse will be accepted.”



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